Safe installation of suspended loads; guaranteed compliance with static load limits; true-to-plan construction; and monitoring of compliance with applicable regulations.

This is what we do - at every event, every trade show, every television broadcast, and every tour.


Our services include:

State-of-the-art rigging technology from truss systems of various designs and dimensions, chain hoists and load measurement systems, lifting tackle and control technology, such as: Four-point truss (30cm/40cm/50cm) • Heavy duty truss • 0.25 t/0.5 t/1,0 t/2.0 t chain hoists (in accordance with D8/D8 +/BGV C1) • Wireless load measurement systems up to 5t • Mobile load measuring systems up to rope diameters of 14mm • x4/x8/x32 motor control systems • Computer-aided motor control systems in accordance with BGV C1